Three years ago I took the plunge and got eyebrow microblading from Permanent Beauty by Kalyna, and I was thrilled with the results.

The past two summers I’ve gone back for annual touchups, and this time around I decided to upgrade to hybrid brows – microblading and micropigmentation combined.

Before and after hybrid brows

My brows had kept their shape for the most part, but over time the colour had faded and they lost some of their oomph. I really do feel that brows frame the face and make such a difference – I noticed recently that whenever I used my favourite makeup app to touch up a photo, often I was happy just by darkening my eyebrows and not changing anything else!

Kalyna started my annual touch-up appointment today with the microblading process (after the numbing kicks in I find it feels like being scratched with a toothpick – quite bearable though it tends to make me sneeze; you can find my full review of microblading here). After that, she moved on to micropigmentation – a pixilation of pigment into the brows. This shading gives depth and dimension and adds to the realistic look (the hybrid treatment also lasts longer than microblading alone).

I was in the office less than an hour (and that included lots of photo taking) and I am always highly impressed by the professionalism and quality of work done by Kalyna and her staff. I think it’s especially cute when Kalyna admires her own work: “Wow – these brows look so amazing!” I’m glad she’s proud of what she does! (I’ve also had eyelash extensions done at Permanent Beauty in the past if you’re interested in that.)

The finished product – hybrid brows

For more information, visit Permanent Beauty by Kalyna – and tell them I sent you!

I’ll leave you with a before and after shot from 2016 when I went for my very first microblading treatment, just to give you an idea of where I started with my brows!

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