This post was inspired by the book Our Shoes, Our Selves: 40 Women, 40 Stories, 40 Pairs of Shoes by Bridget Moynahan and Amanda Benchley, with photographs by Melanie Dunea. (I reviewed it here!)

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I’m a kindergarten teacher, and I spend my days wearing flats. I am also 5’10”, and feel no need to spend my evenings and weekends in anything else either, unless it’s a very special occasion.

My national TV debut was that sort of special occasion.

I grew up watching talk shows, and that love followed me into adulthood: Canadian favourites like Cityline and The Marilyn Denis show; American staples like Live with Regis and Kelly, The View and of course Oprah – I loved them all, and when The Social premiered on CTV I was hooked. While teaching was very clearly my career path (I always say it’s a calling I can’t escape) there has always been that “What if?” regarding broadcast journalism, and I developed a secret little dream of being on the show.

Clearly I was raised to be confident and resourceful (yay mom and dad), because my question wasn’t “Can I do this?” but “How can I do this?” Talk show time is filled with guest experts of course…I just needed to hone my area of expertise. While I certainly have never considered myself an education “expert”, I had been blogging and writing for parenting magazines for years, and I truly love being able to support parents as they navigate the school system – my second home – with their children, so my subject matter was obvious.

I pitched a local show first, built up my clips, and when the time was right reached out to The Social…and they wanted me!

I knew that my outfit was crucial, so the dress came first, and then I drove out of town to look for the perfect pair of shoes, which I found immediately. They were in a chain store and certainly weren’t expensive (if I had to guess I’d say around $60) but when I saw them I knew they were the right ones. Classic black yet a bold style with a big heel – somehow they made exactly the statement I was looking for. (The zippers on the back even felt a little bit bada$%…which obviously is not a primary characteristic of mine, since I won’t even spell it out.)

The shoes brought to mind the time, in university, when I went shopping at that same mall and came away with a black pleather jacket (hey, I was a student working part-time as a receptionist at a convent – I was on a tight budget) and a big chunky pair of black shoes (stylish at the time), and someone I cared about asked me, “Why are you trying to be someone you’re not?” To my credit, I didn’t doubt for a moment that I was being myself…though I quickly realized my friend did not, in fact, understand who that was.

My big television debut came and went (with a whole group of friends in the audience to support me and take me out to celebrate afterwards), and I now have dozens of television appearances to my credit, but to me those shoes – which may seem very “not Kate” – symbolize the fact that I can’t be pigeonholed as any one thing. Wife and mom. Daughter, granddaughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, friend. Flats-wearing teacher. Writer and now podcaster too. TV guest.

When I make TV appearances these days, I work with sponsors who provide my clothing and shoes, and this special pair rarely comes out of the closet, but while I’m a hardcore declutterer, I can’t see them being donated to the thrift store anytime soon. The point isn’t that I wore them on TV. It’s the fact that for women, the dream, the side hustle, the hobby, the dabble – they can be as much of our identity as we want them to be. I won’t apologize for being a complex woman. And I’m not done yet.


Be sure to check out my fellow blogger Jenna MacDonald’s shoe story at There’s a Shoe For That…and we want to hear your stories too!

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