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After the excitement and buzz of the holidays and New Year’s celebrations, it’s easy to start feeling the blahs. Short days and dreadful weather (the cold snap we just experienced in Ontario was crazy!) can really zap your energy. Everyone has their own way of uplifting themselves, and here are some suggestions:

  • Keep moving. I won’t pretend for a minute that I spend any extra time outdoors in the wintertime, though I do know that sunshine and fresh air can have a huge impact on mood. The best I can do is stick to my treadmill routine, as I know exercise has also been proven to be a blahs-blaster. (Not a clinical term!)


  • Don’t forget the importance of your nutrition. Staying healthy is so important to staying happy! It’s hard to stay energized and at our best If our body is not getting the vitamins it needs. As regular readers know, I am far from the healthiest eater, so I have always used a multivitamin to fill in the gaps. One a Day is my go-to, and if you prefer chewables to swallowing pills, One a Day Gummies helps with this, plus it tastes great. And don’t forget about the kids who can have the winter blahs too!  FLINTSTONES Active Kids Gummies can help bridge dietary gaps as a source of vitamins and minerals in a convenient and tasty gummy, and are great for picky eaters.



  • Brighten up your scenery with fresh flowers and plants.  Spring may not be blooming outside, but there’s no reason why you can’t have fresh foliage in your office and home.  Studies have shown that having flowers and plants in your workspace can increase creativity, improve your mood and even reduce anxiety. (Believe it or not, we just got rid of a couple of poinsettias that lasted incredibly well through the holiday season, and I really notice a difference with the bright colours gone. I won’t be picking up anything new any time soon though – I have concerns about my existing plants surviving in a construction zone!)


  • Listen to upbeat music that makes you happy.  It sounds easy, but I often forget how much music can change my mood and make a dark, cold day a little bit more cheerful.  Studies show music is linked to improvements in mood and decreased anxiety when you listen to tunes that make you happy on a regular basis. My parents got us an Echo Dot for Christmas, and I love asking Alexa to play some fast tunes!


  • Keep nasal cold symptoms away. Does anyone else feel like they always have at least a BIT of a cold this time of year? There’s nothing worse than walking around with a stuffed or running nose. Might I suggest hydraSense Daily Nasal Care to alleviate these nasal cold symptoms? It’s effective at relieving nasal congestion, making it easier to breathe, so you can stop being the friend or coworker who sniffles all day. (Note to parents: please, please, help your kids learn to blow their noses so they aren’t the children who are sniffling all day as well.)



  • Look forward to something. When the days seem to drag and darkness comes quickly, it’s nice to be able to think about the future in a positive sense. I always look ahead to fun school events or activities I’m doing with my family or friends (even little things, like a family member’s birthday celebration and a group sign-making event that are coming up), and now as we gear up for a big reno, I have the finished product to dream about (even if the process is less than relaxing!)


What are some of the little things you do to beat the winter  blahs?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

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