I will admit it: I am drawn to sweaters with words and/or pictures on them. While perfect for casual outings, they may not be appropriate in many professional settings, but I would argue that a kindergarten teacher is perfectly within reason sporting knitwear with a donut, a fox wearing glasses or a French phrase on it. (The kids love them!)

My latest purchase:

Since sweater weather is upon us, I decided to procrastinate starting report cards check out Shopstyle to see the range of graphic sweaters out there right now, and I’m sharing them below. All items are under $100, except for one that I threw in which is selling for $2740. Yep, I’m serious! Can you pick it out?

If I purchase one, it may have to be the rainbow…simply because last year our students voted to name one of our two classroom spaces “The Rainbow Room”. The other is “The Shamrock Room”, and I’m sure in March I will be able to find the perfect sweater for that. (Related: I would not wear “Spike the Punch” to work. But that pink colour is great! And yes, I do see the irony in featuring “Nap” along with “If You Snooze You Lose”.)

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