Looking for some unique art ideas for your home? Here are a few that I have tried!

1. Framing a doily (in this case made by my grandma and hanging in Eva’s bedroom)

2. Art canvas (given to me for Christmas by my husband a few years ago. Someday it will be us in front of the Eiffel Tower)

3. Framing an old family recipe (this time belonging to my other grandma)

4. Printables from the web (love this one in my laundry room; just Google and you can find anything)

5. Photo canvases (the girls gave this set of three canvases from Posterjack to my husband for his birthday last year. They now hang in the music room.)

6. Pinterest ideas, like these overlapping handprints (we made this about five years ago and it hangs in our master bath). Believe it or not, it turned out almost as well as the one I pinned!


What unique art ideas have you used in your home?

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