The bar for kids’ birthdays seems to get higher and higher. When I was a kid, I was happy with fried chicken, some new books and a swim at Grandma’s…they were all treats as far as I was concerned! Now, those are all part of a typical weekend for my girls, and I blame Pinterest for the pressure to go bigger and bigger for birthday celebrations.

While I do love a good theme party, we’ve really started refocusing our family birthday efforts (for kids and adults) on experiences, travel and time together (and if we’re going to purchase something, going with one bigger, worthwhile gift over a bunch of little stuff).

When it comes to planning your kids’ birthday parties, the pressure can be overwhelming for parents. If you feel this way, you’re not alone,:over three-quarters (82%) of parents around the world wish there was an easier way to make birthdays feel special for their kids. Wish granted, no candles required! Netflix is granting parents the ultimate birthday gift with the launch of 14 Birthdays On-Demand featurettes. Starring the characters in your kids’ favourite shows like Beat BugsBarbie and Pokemon, your kids will feel like the characters are singing just for them.

Plus of course you can’t beat Netflix for a budget-conscious movie party…just add popcorn!


Here are all of your birthday greeting choices: DreamWorks All Hail King JulienBarbieBeat Bugs, DreamWorks DinotruxLegend QuestLEGO Friends, LEGO NinjagoLuna PetuniaMy Little PonyPokemonProject Mc2Skylanders Academy, DreamWorks Trollhunters and Word Party.  Your child has to have a favourite in that bunch!

Disclosure: I receive perks as part of the Netflix Stream Team. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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