Eva loves to bake, and both girls love making videos, so the concept of Eva’s Kitchen was a very natural evolution.

Shot and edited on Liv’s old iPod (she uses iMovie), the first episode finds Eva in our kitchen baking chocolate overload cookies (one of the recipes/ingredient kits that she was given by my mom – that’s almost all she asks for now for birthdays and Christmases!)

I’m going to be really honest and tell you that I had some concerns about the girls sharing their video. I’m proud of them and think they did a great job; it’s my own selfish issues: my kitchen isn’t on-trend, for some crazy reason the K-Cup display on the counter was not properly refilled which you can see in the video…you know, important stuff. But the girls were so excited to put the finished product out there that I had to oblige.

They’ve already made some great notes for next time: film at a brighter time of day, show the ingredients in captions throughout the process, remember to get a shot of the finished product to show, etc., and of course as producer/director, Liv is in constant negotiations with the talent…lol!

Without further ado, I give you…Eva’s Kitchen!

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