I was back on CTV’s The Social yesterday chatting with hosts Cynthia Loyst and Marci Ien about the wrap-up of the school year: what to do with all the work that came home, how to keep kids’ brains active through the summer (including some fun apps), tips for high school students, how to start prepping your child for kindergarten and more!

Check out the segment video below!

Thanks to Le Chateau for taking care of my TV look with this gorgeous dress, shoes, earrings and bracelet. Hair by Andrea Zarlenga, makeup by a talented member of the team at The Social, brows by Kalyna and lashes by Emily of Permanent Beauty By Kalyna.



I was fortunate to have my friend Sarah attend the show with me this time around (she’s also my ECE partner in our kindergarten classroom, though yesterday she shortened that to #workwife!) We set a new record with our commute home from Toronto: 3 hours, 45 minutes (in good traffic it takes me 1 hour, 40 minutes to get to the studio). That’s what I get for booking a segment on the Friday of a long weekend…being late for one of my own birthday celebrations!


Happy summer holidays!


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