Cineplex is my happy place. It’s right up there on the list behind my home, my parents’ home and my classroom as one of my very favourite places to be. I love the atmosphere, I love the food, and I love losing myself in a good movie. Yes, I could wait and watch any movie at home (and I do that a lot too) but at least a couple of times a month I head to the cinema – most of the time Galaxy Cinemas in Peterborough, where a brand-new UltraAVX (Audio Visual Experience) theatre was just opened.

I was thrilled to have the chance to watch the new James Bond movie, Spectre, in UltraAVX this past weekend, and I was not disappointed. (My only other experience in this type of theatre was the latest Mission Impossible premiere at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto in the summer. You know, where I saw Tom Cruise.)

The highlights of the UltraAVX:

  • Even better sound
  • Massive screen 
  • Comfy rocker seats with tons of leg room (I could cross and uncross my Amazon legs without knocking the seat in front of me – a perk as far as I’m concerned!)
  • Reserved seating: this one is a biggie. As my usual movie companions would tell you (with a sigh), I kind of have a thing about getting to the theatre early. This was made worse by the the Bridesmaids fiasco of 2011, where my colleagues and I ended up in the front row…and I felt sick the entire time (and that wasn’t even an action film!) With UltraAVX, you can choose your seats, which means if you buy online, you have guaranteed seating and can show up last minute with no issue – which is a big deal for me.

The downside:

An extra three bucks in ticket price. That’s pretty much it. And it’s well worth it for the reasons listed above…though perhaps not for every movie. Spectre was fantastic on the larger screen and with the enhanced sound, but for rom coms, I’ll probably stick with the regular theatres…though if I’m going with any friend who has a tendency to run late, it might be worth $3 to ensure our seats for any film!

If you’re looking for details about Spectre, it was exactly what I expected. I love Daniel Craig as James Bond (though based on recent interviews I’m not sure if Daniel Craig loves Daniel Craig as James Bond), there were some returning faces along with new ones, incredible around-the-world settings, something that passed for a love story, and of course a great theme song performed by Sam Smith…definitely a movie made for the big screen.

Thanks to Cineplex for giving me the chance to check out this new theatre!

Disclosure: I was provided with two free Cineplex passes for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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