I adored Barbie as a child, and my daughters certainly take after me. Maggie’s Barbies are by far her favourite toys at the moment, and she and her sister love to play a game called “Barbie Ever After”, where the Barbies join Frannie’s beloved Ever After High dolls.

I was intrigued when I learned that a new superhero Barbie was on the market (along with a DVD, books, and website), and pleased that the Easter Bunny brought it for Maggie last weekend. The Barbie “Be Super” campaign is designed to celebrate girl empowerment, and I think it’s great that there’s an action figure with a cape and a mask marketed to girls.

As you can see, Maggie was thrilled with her surprise:

The Barbie Be Super website is also pretty neat, as they’re calling on girls to use their “powers” (creativity, kindness, etc.) to do super acts and recognize the hero in everyone. They can check out a gallery highlighting how other girls around the world are being super, and also create their own comic with the first-ever Barbie Comic Maker game. Fans can download their official Super Squad Member certificate and handbook, filled with activities and tips on how to “Be Super” and participate in fun monthly Super Missions. Kids love a challenge!

I know that superheros and comics don’t (or shouldn’t) need to be “pink” to appeal to females, but from my experience as a teacher and mom of two girls, it sometimes can be an extra enticing factor.

I’m also impressed that there are Super Squad Leaders, real girls from across Canada (one is even from Peterborough!) who have made a difference in their communities and beyond (e.g., fundraising for charity, encouraging healthy eating, and working to help the environment). These are definitely the kind of role models I want my daughters to have.

Disclosure: A disclosure statement would go here, but the Easter Bunny brought the Barbie superhero doll to my house, so, you know.

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  1. Great to see less about looks and more about virtues. I'd love to see a Barbie who comes with a good set of biceps and shows physical strength too!

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