In my latest CHEX Daily segment, I chat with hosts Teresa Kaszuba and Mike Judson about fostering a growth mindset in your children – it’s so important! We talk about:

  • What do “growth mindset” – and its opposite, “fixed mindset” – mean anyway?
  • What are some specific ways parents can help? (Hint: saying “You take after me, I can’t do Math” is not helpful.)
  • How does growth mindset apply in areas other than academics (for kids and adults)?

P.S. Thanks to Chabot Elementary in Oakland, California for putting some great resources on their website for random Canadian teachers to Google and find, including a Powerpoint presentation for parents, parent tip sheet and student handout. You can find it all here:

1 comment on “Growth Mindset: Your Kids Need This (So Do You!)”

  1. Great spot on CHEX. And thanks for the information and resource links about growth mindset. We've been struggling with our daughter with this kind of thing where she thinks she has to know everything right off the bat and if she doesn't, she's not smart. This information will give us some helping in framing our discussions with her.

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