You know how I love going behind-the-scenes (especially for live TV) so I was very excited to be invited to Global’s The Morning Show in Toronto this week. 

Hosted by Liza Fromer, Leslie Roberts, Kris Reyes, Rosey Edeh and Antony Robart, the show is broadcast weekdays from 6 to 9 am from their street-level studio on Bloor Street in Toronto (lots of fun to walk by and watch through the windows!) At 9 am, the show goes national for 30 minutes of conversation and fun. 

Rosey, Kris, Liza and Leslie with Chris Hadfield 

Before I start sharing photos from my visit, in the interests of full disclosure, I must tell you that I was not actually present for hair and makeup. Hayley, the hardworking publicist, offered to pick up my camera at the hotel and arrive at a crazy early hour to take some shots for me, so I could breeze in a little bit later once the show was rolling. (I don’t know how well she researched me, but she may have been aware of how much I love my sleep!)

Here are a few pics of co-host Liza Fromer getting primped for the show. Usually the hosts look after their own hair, getting assistance only with the make-up part of the prep, but with fewer hosts on set over the holidays, there was more opportunity for professional assistance.

Meanwhile, across the street at the Sunset Grill, my husband and I were enjoying a very early breakfast, while at the same time watching the show get started through the window! (Our hotel, the Marriott Bloor, is located right across from the studio. Very convenient, and a wonderful stay, by the way.) 
Here in my stalker long lens photo (loving my new DSLR camera!) you can see Liza chatting with reporter Liem Vu on-screen, while Rosey gets set for her next segment. 
Once I arrived, I took over the photography duties. It fascinates me to see how different sets look in real life than they do on-screen. Here you can see the desk with the requisite papers, tablet, and of course lipstick!

Below Rosey, Liza and guest co-host Jillian Barberie Reynolds chat entertainment. Something that surprised me was that the hosts don’t just sit/stand around watching each other’s segments the way I envisioned. They all know their cues to the minute, and are bouncing back and forth between the set and their desks/washroom/touchups, etc., reappearing exactly when needed.

Here’s where the real behind-the-scenes work happens:
Liza heads back to the desk while Rosey reviews notes with a producer. (It felt like we were playing hide and seek, moving around the room to avoid the cameras all the time. It’s very fast-paced!)
Rosey, Jillian and a rep from Air Canada Rouge talk about keeping kids entertained on long flights. The guest was a first-timer (I can remember very well how that feels), and did a great job! 

Below is the green room, where the waiting takes place. I pictured it as a separate location, closed off from the studio, but the whole space is really quite open. This is where I got a chance to chat with guest host Alan Carter. I asked him about the teleprompter: how much material is written out, and how much is ad-libbed? For the news portions, the text is all there (which Alan paraphrases, using the teleprompter to make sure he’s getting the details right). For the rest of the segments, the vast majority of the conversation is spontaneous.

After the show, Liza gets ready to film some promos. Some days she works out right on set after the show, but her exercise buddy Kris was away the day I was there!

Rosey takes a minute to pose for a picture at her desk. I don’t envy her heading out into the cold to report on weather from the street in the morning – though I do envy the awesome coats and scarves she sports while she does it!

Next on the agenda was my sit-down Momterview with Liza, which I’ll share here very soon, and then the “day” was over – before 10 a.m.! I couldn’t leave without my great Global swag bag, including treats and foam microphones for my girls which they can be seen trying out in the photo below. Perhaps The Morning Show should consider adding some junior reporters to their roster?

Thanks so much to Hayley and to the hosts and crew of The Morning Show for welcoming me behind-the-scenes. Be sure to catch them daily on Global, beginning at 6 a.m…or whatever time you get up!

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