I’m thrilled to say that I have two articles in the April issue of Parents Canada.

The first is all about skin conditions that affect women who are expecting (e.g. stretch marks, acne, melasma), and what safe solutions they can turn to while they’re pregnant (with thanks to dermatologist Dr. Shannon Humphrey for her expertise!)

You can read it here: http://www.parentscanada.com/pregnancy/treating-common-pregnancy-skin-conditions

The second piece deals with tweens and their crushes on (obsessions with?) celebrities. Hey, I think we’ve all been there (can you guess who mine was? I share it in the article!) Mom Kathryn Howell was also kind enough to share her experiences with a celeb-obsessed daughter, and psychotherapist Alyson Schafer provided the expert input!

That article is available in full here: http://www.parentscanada.com/school/tweens/the-celebrity-crush-phase

As a sidebar in the print version, I also got several well-known Canadian personalities (Ben Mulroney, Tracy Moore, Marci Ien, Jessica Holmes and Jian Ghomeshi) to reveal which celebs they crushed on as tweens.

Thanks to Amy, my great editor at Parents Canada, for the opportunities. You can look for more articles from me in the next few issues of PC, as well as their sister publication, Today’s Bride (yes, that phase is well behind me, but I can still write about it, right?)

2 comments on “Pregnancy Skin Conditions and Tween Celeb Crushes: My New Parents Canada Articles”

  1. Great articles Cate (intentional mis-spelling as a secret shout out to your article)!

    I developed eczema on my pregnant belly after using some sort of moisturizing cream that was supposed to help prevent stretch marks.

    If I knew then what I know now I would have used coconut oil or something natural.

  2. Very funny! He actually wrote "Katy" instead of "Katie", but one of my friends got the autograph after a Peterborough Petes game and to be fair, my friend may have given him the wrong spelling!

    Thanks for the comment!

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