Okay, sure, one might argue that the two purchases I am discussing today are clearly unrelated. If I were not just finishing EQAO with my brain a little bit fried, I might even try to argue back and somehow make the two connect (save money reusing containers, have more money to put in wallet? Or better yet, to afford wallet? I know, I can do better).

And yes, talking about both of these items in the same post will probably mess up the Search Engine Optimization in one way or another, but again, I pride myself on efficiency and I really wanted to share both of my finds with you, even at the cost of losing out on blog traffic.

First up (the most fun) is my new Burberry wallet. It seems like I purchase a new wallet every year, as I buy cheap ones and they tend to fall apart. My criteria for a wallet are pretty specific, as it must be able to hold tons of cards, and have an ample change compartment (I’m in Canada, and with coins for one and two dollars, I carry a lot of change). So I’ve been scoping ebay, looking to pick up a designer model that I can use for years to come.

I found a great Burberry design (brand new, with tags and authenticity card, in box), and spent a lot of time researching how to tell fake Burberry items from real ones (just as I did when I bought my Coach bag and Louis Vuitton bag). Satisfied that it was the real deal, I placed a bid.

Just to give you an idea of how impatient I am, I almost did “Buy Now” (and paid $50 more than the starting bid) because I wanted to have it right away. I forced myself to wait, and got it for the opening price. (Hey, if I can do all of my Summer Style — 13 items — for $100, I can splurge on one big thing!, right?)

Here is my belated Mother’s Day gift (which luckily looks legit in real life, and is ample enough to hold all my cards and coins):

On to my completely unrelated and much less exciting (though still important) purchase:

Recently, Caroline from Eco Baby Boom did a guest post with Simple Earth-Friendly Shopping Tips and mentioned reusable sandwich containers. I’ve seen a few, but wasn’t really enthused about the fabric-style ones. I want to be able to put everything in the dishwasher. Other plastic styles I’ve come across were too thin to hold sandwiches on buns, which my girls love to take in their lunches.

This past weekend while wandering around the kids’ section of Chapters (okay, I don’t exactly “wander” in stores), I spotted these EcoKids Sandwich Keepers (for a reasonable $5.95):

They say they’re dishwasher safe on the top rack, though it might damage the images. I think a quick rinse in the sink each evening should suffice. The girls have already used them, and are quite pleased, so we’ll see how well they hold up. Stay tuned!

So…which of my purchases did you prefer?

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