Spring is prime gift-giving season (Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation) and Hallmark is one-stop shopping for both useful and keepsake gifts.

When my latest Hallmark Ambassador box arrived on the doorstep (Maggie was very proud of herself for spotting the delivery truck and dragging the box in herself) I found tons of great goodies, including:

Thumpin’ Thumper ($14.95 with three card purchase, reg. $24.95)

When Maggie was a baby, we used to call her “Thumper” because of the noises she made in her crib every morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Easter Bunny left her something just like this: a plush toy who thumps and says three different greetings.

Mason Interactive Story Buddy and Interactive Storybook ($34.95)

Product View

I’m a longtime fan of Hallmark’s Interactive Story Buddies. When you read the books aloud, the animals respond to certain phrases and make comments. This one also comes with a read-along audio CD and free access to digital storytime. You can also purchase other Mason storybooks for $9.95 each. (There’s a new female Story Buddy too – Posey the cat.)

While the Squawkin’ Egg Droppin’ Hen arrived with last year’s collection, she’s still a favourite at our house, and was the first fought-over item when I brought the Easter decorations out this year ($15.95 with three card purchase, reg. $30.95):

Product View

Magic Prints ($4.99 – $24.95)

Magic Prints Gifts - Just Like You Magnet Frame

Available in a range of formats, these personalized gifts come with Mess-Free (safe, nontoxic and easy to clean) Crayola Magic Solution which reveals handprints or footprints from children or pets.

My final fave item:

Pics ‘N’ Props For Mom, Grandma, Dad and Graduation ($24.95, special price $16.95 – $19.95)

Pics 'n' Props: Graduation Celebration Kit

These kits come with special themed props (e.g. signs to hold up in photos) and a frame or album to store the memories. I know an upcoming graduate who will love to make use of the Graduation kit I received.

Other Spring items include mugs, stationery…and of course, cards!

Disclosure: I received some of the above-named items for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

2 comments on “Hallmark’s Spring Treasures”

  1. I do marvel at the fact that you have themed storage: Halloween, Christmas, Easter. I have to confess, I have stolen your idea and now I have a Halloween box full of costumes that used to simply float around my house from year to year.

    This week my kids have been busy writing letters to EB. They started them with "I have been good this year, for Easter I want" until I reminded them that EB doesn't do requests like Santa and really I never got presents at Easter, so they may be assuming incorrectly that they are getting a gift (but we all know they'll get something). This however begs the question…when did Easter become a gift holiday? Was it when I became a parent or has it always been and I just didn't know it? We try to stick with small items, but still…isn't all the junk food enough. I have to confess that one year, EB left yogurt covered peanuts and raisins…thankfully the kids were too young to remember their lack of satisfaction with their treats!

  2. I agree about the whole Easter gift thing…but for some reason the Easter Bunny didn't get the message. This year the girls are getting minimal chocolate and a few other items (colouring book, soccer ball, cheap watch) but still about $40 worth each. Way less than Christmas, but more than Easter ever was when we were kids. And I think it's safe to say that's WAY more than my husband and his eight siblings ever got!

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