I have several gorgeous doilies made for me by my Grandma, but hiding in a special box in the linen closet, waiting for the use of doilies in general decorating to come back into style (or to pass on to my girls, whichever comes first).

Thanks to an episode of Cityline (all about how lace is very trendy right now) I was inspired to recreate one of the ideas from the show: framing a doily for wall display.

You know I love my dollar store frames, but because of the shape of the doily, I needed something square (most frames are rectangular) so I went to Michael’s and picked up one of their 12 x 12 record album frames. It was $29.99, and since Michael’s always has coupons, I really should have brought the one from their weekly flyer which could have saved me 40%. But I didn’t. My coworkers will be very amused to learn that I actually did something without being fully planned in advance, an oversight which cost me $12.

For the background, I knew I wanted to use a sheet of scrapbook paper, so I selected one from Michael’s as well ($0.99) which you can see in the photo below:

Once I assembled things, however, I realized that the small pink floral print looked much too granny-ish (no offense, Grandma!) with the doily, and I needed something with a bit more of an unexpected pattern. I looked through some of the scrapbook paper I already owned, and made a different selection. The final product:

The great thing about this project is that the background can be replaced anytime, when I want to switch rooms (right now it’s hanging in our main bathroom) or if I ever want to put something seasonal behind it.

While incorporating doilies into my decorating wasn’t a high priority on my list, having an heirloom (from someone as special as my Grandma) on display like this is very meaningful, which I think is important for all accessories. Thanks for the idea, Cityline!

3 comments on “As Seen On Cityline: Framed Doily”

  1. Love framed doilies! My Gran, who passed away many years ago, made so many doilies! I have kept a box of them waiting until I had a baby girl so I could frame them for her nursery! I framed 5 and hung them on her walls, they are just so feminine and pretty. Such a great little project (you can see mine here: http://notacouponqueen.wordpress.com/?s=doilies )

  2. Mo – yours are gorgeous! (Coloured doilies in white frames with white backgrounds – very different look to check out.)

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