Our Halloween Recap:

  • Spent too much on costumes, but Maggie has only ever had hand-me-downs and Frannie has only ever had one new costume (plus, I’ve been at the same school long enough now that I’ve run through all of my old ideas and needed something new too!)
  • I was impressed that Frannie went with something not “pretty” (although I can’t say I really set a good example for her, with my princess look, did I?) and really enjoyed freaking people out as a scary raccoon.
  • As organized as I may appear, our candy was purchased on the 29th (why did we buy 48 full-sized boxes of Smarties when we usually get a dozen trick-or-treaters?) and pumpkin carved on the 30th (we did a neat idea from Pinterest – using the drill to make holes in the pumpkin. The light from that is really pretty).
  • Living in the country has many benefits. The four of us went out trick-or-treating as a family, and left our goodies on the porch for visitors to help themselves. (I think we missed 8 or 9 kids, who all helped themselves to ‘one of each’ as per my posted instructions.) I am told this system would not work in the city.
  • My biggest compliment was at school, from a parent who had popped in for our Halloween Fashion Show: “I feel like I’m at Disney World! It’s always been a dream of mine to meet Cinderella!”
  • My fall/Halloween decorations were cleared away before I went to bed that night. The house looks pretty bare at the moment, but as soon as Remembrance Day is over, the Christmas decor will be out!
  • Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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