I wanted to let you in on the first few steps of our 2012 landscaping project: a deck extension and an above-ground pool! We toyed with the idea of an in-ground pool, but our slope is not ideal for it, and I knew we would have spent a crazy amount of money just to landscape afterwards. I also know that when the kids are grown, I sure won’t be swimming on a regular basis (I’m more of a hot-tub girl…which hopefully will be Phase Three!) so we will have the easy option of taking it down.
View of the back before commencing
(Of course we usually keep an excavator there. It’s art, don’t you think?)

After the land was cleared and levelled, and some deck deconstruction (and dandelion growth):

And finally…the pool is in! We went with a 15 x 30 “rectangular” pool (not exactly a rectangle) with a saltwater system and a propane heater. (Neither of which are hooked up yet, as we are still waiting for the deck phase to be completed before deciding exactly where the permanent home will be for the eyesores essential components.)

We are extremely lucky to have hired my Dad and brilliantly talented uncle to undertake the construction project, so we know it will be done right…and that we are of course their first priority! When their work is done, I will be back to show you Phase Two! Until then, Frannie is having a blast swimming in the new pool, and Maggie is thrilled about sitting on the second step. (That’s progress from the first step. We have all summer, she’ll come around!)

2 comments on “Our Backyard Reno (Pool and Deck) Phase One!”

  1. so glad you've posted photos! I've been trying to slow down driving by to take a peek (at both the pool and the cute builders), but can't see a darned thing. Even driving by on the dirt road, the bushes block my view.

    looking lovely!

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