I took a photo of my beautiful new “9 Can Magnetic Spice Rack” (purchased at Canadian Tire) but then didn’t get around to writing up a post that day. Good thing, since by the end of the day the cans had fallen off the magnets, and I began the almost daily process of hot-glue-gunning them back on (a few each day, repeating in rotation as it happened again and again. I see now that others who reviewed the product online had the same problem).
I know, I know: I should have returned it. But the packaging was already broken down, and I would have had to empty out all the spices and wash the cans before taking it back. Plus I’m just not much of a “returner”.
So while I did love the look of it when functional (for a few hours) now it sits flat on my counter, looking awkward and taking up more space. And really, nine cans isn’t enough anyway, so we still have multiple other spice containers stashed away in the cupboard. Live and learn.
I don’t normally bother writing about products I don’t love, but I thought this one might save someone else some grief! Once summer comes and I have time to assess my kitchen cupboard situation, I will be finding another place for the spices.

7 comments on “Don’t Buy This Spice Rack”

  1. The other problem with this kind of spice rack… is how to you label them. I hate having unlabeled spices, my nose doesn't work half the time due to allergies and you can't always just look at something and know what it is.

  2. Absolutely; I forgot to mention that point about the labels! I used a permanent marker on the bottom of the magnets, but one day I got home and four or five of the canisters had fallen off the magnets…and I just had to guess which was which!

  3. I was thinking about buying a spice rack similar to this style, thank you for the heads up and review because I will now steer clear! Maybe one of those rotating ones with like 30 jars? Hmmnn….

  4. When we renovated our kitchen I had our cabinet maker build the spice rack on the inside door of the cupboard closest to my stove – it's been a brillant idea as my spices are always where I need them. The only downfall -It doesn't fit the store bought spice containers. I had to find spice bottles that were small enough to fit – I had luck at the dollar store.

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