I added a new piece of decor to my kitchen recently, inspired by Pinterest, of course!

I started with a frame and scrapbook paper from Dollarama (total cost $3) and one of my late Grandma Leahy’s handwritten recipes (which just happened to be for Christmas Pudding). It’s even wrinkled and smudged…just perfect for this project!

I used the scrapbook paper as a matte and then a tiny bit of tape to keep the recipe in place. (I photocopied the sheet in advance, just in case.)

Et voilà:

Here is the original pin, which I found on Pinterest and added to my “Decorating/Home” Board weeks ago:

Source: homegoods.com via Kate on Pinterest

What a lovely way to preserve the memory of lost family members. I’ve already looked to the frame to draw strength from my Grandma, in sort of a “You raised eight kids on a farm while living with your mother-, father- and brother-in-law so I’m sure I can get through whatever is troubling me today” kind of way.

Stay tuned for other great Pinterest finds!

4 comments on “As Seen On Pinterest: Framing Grandma’s Recipe”

  1. I LOVE this and am going to copy this. I have a recipe from my great-aunt who was one of the most special people in my life. I've often thought of laminating her recipe to preserve it, but I like this idea much more.

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