Pardon the broken record, but I just keep finding so many great ideas on Pinterest! This time around I was looking for a piece of meaningful artwork for my newly redecorated master bathroom (read all about it, with before and after shots, here). When the work was done in February, I got the bright idea to take a winter landscape photo on our property and have it mounted on canvas. (I think I got this idea all by myself, even without the aid of Pinterest!)
Once the weather finally changed, I no longer wished to look at a snowy scene every day, and I wanted something else. However, I’m not really into buying random pieces of art that don’t have any meaning. So I decided to use an as-seen-on-Pinterest idea.
All I needed was a Dollarama frame and some scrapbooking paper (total cost of $3, and yes these were the same supplies I needed for my last Pinterest project). I even found a brushed-nickel (looking) frame with beading on it to match the new mirror and towel bar perfectly.
I traced the hand of all of the members of our household (doing hubby’s and Frannie’s on white, mine and Maggie’s on the printed paper) and overlapped them. I had intended to use another sheet of the patterned scrapbook paper underneath but it looked way too busy with the hands. Instead I flipped it over to its solid-coloured back and used that.
It sits a little low compared to the towel bar, but I wanted to use the same nail as the winter scene (I just can’t bear to put another hole in my freshly repaired and painted wall) and it’s not like anyone else really sees it in my master bath. (Which of course leads my husband to question why the artwork in there even matters, but I’m in there every day and I want it to be pretty, darn it!)

Original inspiration (not sure whether it’s a bigger frame or those people have
smaller hands, but I had no room for a label on mine!):
Source: via Kate on Pinterest

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