As I continue with my New Year’s resolution to open up more to my readers, here’s a glimpse at what last weekend looked like:


  • Quick trip to Shopper’s Drug Mart for “Go Blonder” shampoo and conditioner. Yes, for me, now a blonde. I’ll post about that one later, with before and after shots.
  • Neighbourhood clean-up in honour of Earth Day. Our road seems to get cleaner each year. Or maybe this year’s pick-up seemed easier since it was the first time we brought along our slave labour (i.e. the girls). Will the novelty of picking up beer cans ever wear off? Don’t answer that.


  • Weekend getaway in beautiful Kingston, Ontario.
  • Stayed at the fantastic Marriott Residence Inn for the first time, with kitchenettes right in the room and free daily breakfast. Only improvement would be if the pull-out couch area was somehow separated from the bed. You know how I hate being able to hear my children during the night.
  • Dinner at Lone Star. Kids loved being given “play dough” to occupy them until the food arrived (not to mention the free nachos). They split a kids’ meal and still didn’t finish it.
  • Girls were thrilled to spend time with their beloved former babysitter who went to dinner with us and watched them at hotel while we were at the movies.
  • Saw “The Hunger Games”. Had been a holdout, not reading the book until last month, but enjoyed both.
  • Kids asleep when we returned; bonus for babysitter.

  • Home by 1 p.m. in order for Frannie to attend classmate’s birthday party. (Sent regrets for another classmate’s Saturday party. My six year old’s social life is far more active than mine.)
  • Enjoyed our own version of “meals on wheels” provided by my mother in honour of a family member’s birthday.
  • Started watching Twilight movies on DVD. (My brother wondered if I am trying to recapture my youth with the whole Hunger Games/Twilight weekend theme. I think being blonde is changing my personality.) Still holding out on reading the Twilight books. The vampire thing just doesn’t do it for me.
  • Early to bed as usual, ready to hit the ground…school yard…running on Monday morning.
See, now don’t you feel like you know me so much better?

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