Okay, here’s a quick post, but it requires reader input! (Just two clicks, I promise.)

In the fall I posted about all the great goodies I received for review from Secret, and mentioned that I didn’t think I was ready to be the one to bring the legwarmer look back to my community. Here are a couple of quick pics of my attempt (for the purposes of this post only) and I want to know if you think a 34 year old woman (specifically me, not Sarah Michelle Gellar, Liv Tyler or Shakira) can and should go out in public like this.

Admittedly it’s kinda hard to see the charcoal-coloured legwarmers, but the photos are still valid because I would only ever pair them with something that would keep them from standing out anyway. (The plum-coloured pair I received will never see the light of day.)

All you have to do is answer “yes” or “no” and submit. I honestly won’t take any offense; this is purely for fun! I’ll share the responses as soon as possible…which really means whenever I get around to it.

(Email subscribers: if you can’t see the form, click on the title of this post which will take you directly to its web version where you can place your vote. Come on, people, humour me here!)

{Revised to add: In defense of my footwear, I did do a quick search for what sort of shoes/boots were being worn with this look, and went with the closest and handiest similar thing that I owned. It’s more the legwarmers I’m wondering about!}

P.S. This post could also be called “Bloggers Without Makeup”. I sacrificed vanity for your entertainment.

P.P.S. When I roped my husband into doing the photography, his first question was: “Isn’t this an 80’s look?” then “And it’s back in style?”, “Are you sure?” and finally “Do I get to vote on this poll?”

11 comments on “Should I Wear It? (Legwarmers Edition)”

  1. With different shoes! A girl I work with wore legwarmers with flats the other day and it was quite cute (and she is 33!)

  2. I think the look is cute BUT I tend to lean to the thought that if (now this is simply for ME not for YOU) that if I wore it the first time round, I don't wear it the second time round – now you are a few years younger than I am so maybe you did not wear this funny idea the first time so then go right on ahead – or maybe you are less insecure than I am -then go right on ahead. You do look very cute.

  3. I think the whole outfit looks great together. That being said if you're not comfortable wearing leg warmers then you shouldn't. If you feel awkward with them on then it won't work for you, right?

    Personally I'm waiting for them to invent thigh warmers because that's the only part of my legs that end up cold…

  4. I voted yes, because I don't think age should disqualify anyone from trying wearing a certain item or trend. It's all about making it fit your own personal style. Plus, you have great legs, so you should show them off!

    If I were you, I'd try them with a cute dress and pumps/heels, or over skinny jeans and booties. And if you have tall black boots and a black sweater dress, you can definitely wear the plum ones and let them peek out of the top of the boots to give your outfit a fun pop of colour 🙂

    I just found this blog entry about leg warmers with quite a few pictures of different styles and outfits that you might find some inspiration from (or maybe even some non-spiration haha) http://unrange.blogspot.com/2011/07/leg-warmers-over-jeans.html

  5. Thanks for the comment, Andrea, and for the link. There are tons of photos there, and you're right – some are inspirational and some are non-spirational! Really anything goes, but I don't live in an urban area or work in the sort of environment where all of these looks could fly.

    I also like your idea for how to actually make use of the plum legwarmers…as I do have the other coordinating items you mentioned.

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