I recently received a parcel full of Secret’s new Fall 2011 collection (I know, my life is rough), and the first thing that came to mind as I examined the all of the leggings, tights, pantyhose, and (yes) legwarmers, was that there’s certainly something for everyone.

The “Animal Instinct” line (with ad copy like “make an outfit roar by displaying a little animal magnetism”) is definitely for the gals who are a little wilder than I am. I just don’t find that my day job teaching at a Catholic elementary school is the right fit for the Sheer Zebra Pantyhose or the Leopard Mesh Tight (I may save them for nighttime)…although with a long enough skirt, I think I might be able to do the Leopard Legging underneath. These styles are definitely edgy and eye-catching, and retail for under $12.50.

Next, we come to the “Colour Block” line. Very retro and right on trend…which I guess I am not, but you fashion-conscious gals will be all over the bright tights ($7.50 each)  in shades like “Deep Teal”, “Sangria” and “Chilli Pepper”. I realize I am totally giving up any hope of being called a fashionista by admitting this, but I tossed a couple of the brightest colours into my “Halloween” bin. They’ll come in handy for something. If any other boring old schoolmarms are interested, the line does come in “Dark Charcoal” and “Black”, both of which have already found their way into my rotation. (Note: I like to think I dress fairly well, but considering that this is the first time I have used the label “fashion” for a post, obviously I don’t blog about the subject much!)

Finally, we come to the “Sweater Appeal” line, which I found very…well…appealing. All in a soft grey, there’s a “Heather Tight”, a “Floral Circle Tight” (I feel like kicking things up a notch with a pattern is still appropriate for my workplace) and a really cute “Sweater Cuff Legging”, featuring a chunky little cable-knit cuff. These three styles are all available for under $12.50, and will be seen regularly in my classroom this winter. (Except on yard-duty days, when only long pants will cut it.)

And though I really, really, hate the cold, I still don’t know if I’m ready to pull off (or, more accurately, pull on) the “Light Rib” or “Cable Rib Leg Warmers”. They’re under nine bucks, available in white, plum, charcoal and black (fairly safe colours, even for me) but I don’t think I have it in me to set this trend locally. Though I could be encouraged to follow it, should someone else start it, for the sake of the extra warmth. (Hint: if any of my friends or coworkers would like to borrow a pair of mine to get the ball rolling, feel free.)

Leave it to a pantyhose company to set me straight about style for this season!

Something else noteworthy about all of the Secret products is that they’re comfortable and durable, especially given the reasonable prices.

Secret’s Fall 2011 Collection is available at retailers across Canada.

Which personality are you?

Disclosure: I received samples of the products for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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