I’ll be short and sweet: Frannie’s first tooth (not counting her knocked out front pair – click for that “Bad Mommy Moments” post) will be falling out any day.

What is the going rate for the Tooth Fairy? When I was a kid, there were 2 quarters left under the pillow – one that I had to share with my younger brother. Of course, once he started to lose teeth, he wasn’t forced to share his earnings with me, but that’s another story…that I love to tell whenever the subject of the Tooth Fairy comes up.
Any special traditions, etc. for the whole loss-of-teeth milestone?
Comments would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. When I was little the going rate for the tooth fairy was about 50 cents…My children are now 28, 24, and 10, yes 10… For the 2 eldest, the rate was $2.00 or so. When my 10 yr old started losing his teeth, my lovely husband decided to give him $10.00 each time…It sure has been costly along the way, good old inflation I suppose.;0)

  2. My son watched some sort of cartoon the other day where the child got a toothbrush under his pillow for losing his tooth. Now all he can talk about is how he's going to get a toothbrush under his pillow.

    I think I might be getting off easy if this is the case hehehe

  3. Here is our house the 1st tooth is worth $5 and any tooth after that is only worth the what change is in the tooth fairy's change bag.
    I like the toothbrush idea. I just may try that with my youngest.

  4. Wow, these are some rich tooth fairies!! I was thinking that a loonie or toonie would be enough when my baby loses his first tooth. Maybe I am just a cheap fairy though 🙂

  5. I give my daughter a toonie per tooth. She asked me why her friend at school got $5… lol…

    Have you heard about putting a glass of water by the window? The tooth fairy will dip her dress into the water so you can tell what colour her dress was. (food colouring). My daughter is as excited to find out what the colour is as she is about the money.

  6. I'm super curious — how much did your daughter get for losing her front teeth????

    Also — I'd figure out how much your brother owes you and send him a bill. lol…

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