This one is for the several friends, family members, coworkers and acquaintances who have recently mentioned that they wished they had a way to know when I had a new post up here at This Mom Loves, rather than having to continuously check.

The solution? You can very easily subscribe to This Mom Loves by email….just click HERE! (The link is also in my sidebar.)

You will receive a Feedburner Subscription Confirmation (which may possibly head to your Spam folder), which you must open in order to confirm the subscription, and then all new posts will be sent to you by email. You get the whole post (no linking necessary).

Some bloggers use only partial feeds, and give you the title and perhaps the first couple of lines, but you have to click through to the actual site to read the rest. I can see that this would be valuable in terms of increasing traffic to the site and getting stats up, but I know I find it annoying when I sign up for blogs I love, and then only get partial feeds in my email. I don’t often link through, whereas if I had the whole post I would at least skim it all.

I’d appreciate if other bloggers out there could let me know what method they use and/or prefer, and if I’m missing any advantages of the partial feed?

If you’re not already a subscriber, here’s the link again. Go sign up now!

4 comments on “You Don’t HAVE To Keep Checking…(and a question for bloggers)”

  1. I like the full feed. That means my husband can read my entire blog post through the reader of his choice at work where Blogger is blocked. I'm sure a lot of people who are reading through their fave blogs at lunchtime during work would appreciate the full feed either in their reader or their email 🙂

  2. I hate partial feeds, especially in a feed reader but in email too. Yes you want more hits on your actually site but you will lose subscribers by going to partial feed for sure so it probably evens out.

    I subscribe to you via email and I click over to leave comments so it's not like I'm never here.

  3. Great post:) I can't tell you how important being able to subscribe through email is! I have visited alot of blogs and it's sad that they don't have this open available, they are missing out on new readers. I am your newest GFC and Twitter follower! I also am subscribed through email and placed your blog button on my blog roll:) I hope you will stop by and return the favor;) Have a great week! xo


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