Is there any reader out there without a little hockey lover in her life? (And, on a related note, is there any reader out there who is not a Tim Hortons fan?) When I was trying to decide on a theme for this month’s Scholastic review and giveaway, I decided I’d like to have a look at some books about Canada’s favourite sport, and I found two real goodies:

One Hockey Night by David Ward

In this story, brother and sister Owen and Holly have just been uprooted from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia right before Christmas, and their homesickness is magnified by the lack of local ice for skating.

The plot isn’t exactly a nail-biter – you can see the ending coming a mile away – but nonetheless, you can’t help but beam when the kids are surprised on Christmas Eve by their own backyard skating rink.The illustrations are beautiful and subtle, and the story is sure to become a family favourite.

The Mighty Tim Horton by Mike Leonetti

Mike Leonetti has written other fictional stories incorporating some of hockey’s biggest stars, such as “The Rocket” and “Wendel and The Great One” and his newest title does not disappoint.

Trevor is a defenseman who takes needless penalties, with consequences for his team. That is, until his fundraising efforts find him knocking on the door if his idol: Toronto Maple Leafs player Tim Horton, who shares some secret hockey tips.

Playing “the Tim Horton way” leads to success for Trevor and his team…and believe it or not, that year the Leafs even win the Stanley Cup!

I also love the Tim Horton mini-biography page at the back of this book. It’s pretty common for Canadian kids to recognize the Tim Hortons’ sign, but how many of them actually know who he was? I think it’s neat to be able to share this information with our children…the story behind the coffee and doughnuts!

Either one of these titles would make a fantastic Christmas gift for your little hockey lover, and as always, Scholastic is offering up both of these beautiful hardcover books for one lucky This Mom Loves reader. The prize is valued at approximately $40!

Entry couldn’t be simpler: if you’re a Canadian resident, just leave a comment below telling me something you love about hockey OR Tim Hortons!

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Contest is open until Monday, November 1st at 11:59 p.m., after which time a winner will be chosen by random number generation. Good luck!

50 comments on “Hockey! Scholastic Review and Giveaway”

  1. Well What is not to love about Tim Hortons Doughnuts LOL – hmmmmm so good!!
    now onto hockey, my youngest daughter LOVES to read about hockey with her Dad (she is five) she loves to watch the NHL playoffs with her Dad – as he gets all exciting and yells at the TV and even spills his chips 😉 She even loves to go and watch our local hockey team, but what she REALLY loves is Marty the Marmit 😉

  2. Hockey is the kickoff to the holiday season! Love it! and who doesn't love Tim Horton's? There's nothing better on a cool day than a large tripple tripple and a chocolate danish!! mmm…

  3. My family and I just went to a hockey game (a local one) for the first time ever. It was a lot of fun to cheer on our hometeam and experience it live together. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I love the fact that hockey is such an accessible sport. It is available in almost every school and community. There are many organizations who will provide gear for needy kids. It is so important that kids stay active and hockey is a great way to get the needed exercise!

  5. Hockey is a huge part of our lives. My husband actually plays on two different teams. I've been the scorekeeper way too many times to count. Love it!

  6. There are few things which reflect Canada better than our national sport, hockey. The passion it instills in us, the lessons of teamwork, comraderie, independence, perseverance all so truly and uniquely Canadian… That is why I love hockey. No matter what your circumstances, where you stand in the social or economic spectrum or if you are newly arrived immigrant or a multi-generational Canadian, hockey is the single uniting factor that speaks to all hearts. It is part of the Canadian conciousness, our identity, a sport that is OURS and truly ours. Take the recent Olympics and the out-pouring of emotion and unity when our team took gold… LOVE hockey!

    Aliya D.

  7. I love hockey because in the summer when it's hot out, it's very cool and refreshing to go inside a cold arena to watch a hockey game.

    I've always loved hockey because my older brother, 2 younger brothers and husband all play – and it's great fun to watch!


  8. Well what is there not to like about hockey? We are die hard Leaf fans…still…LOL
    Also, Tim Horton's new pumpkin spice tea just stole my heart!

  9. I love watching my boys play hockey… I have one in Atom and one in Novice and it is so exciting seeing them score and fly down the ice. And one of our traditions is grabbing a 40 pack of Timbits before those 7am practices.

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