You should definitely not take your family to Mont Tremblant. Well, unless you love beautiful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere. Tons of activities for kids and grownups alike. Oh, and great accommodations and fabulous food. I guess if you’re in to all of that, you could maybe consider visiting.

My mom retired from teaching this year, and we decided we would take a family trip to celebrate. After weeks of deliberation (in province or out? bring kids or no? weekend or week?) we finally settled on Mont Tremblant, Quebec, a place none of us had ever been. This is a town known primarily for its winter ski scene, but a summer trip can also be fantastic, as we learned.

The photos tell the story better than I ever could:

Here is the gorgeous Cap Tremblant residence where we stayed. Mom and Dad had a one-bedroom unit, and we shared a three-bedroom unit with my brother’s family. Check it out – and for less than $200 per family each night. (Warning: the units are NOT air-conditioned, and we went during one of the hottest weeks of the year. Probably the only negative I can think of.)

This was the view from the back:

And for the kids…and kids at heart! (There were actually several different pools, including an adult geyser pool, and several hot tubs – my favourite!)
Our residence was a short drive (or shuttle ride) from the actual village of Mont Tremblant. There are other (more expensive and noisier) accommodations right inside the picturesque little village, if you’d rather be closer:
While in the pedestrian village, we did a bit of shopping (some of my favourites included a year-round Christmas store, Roots, and a candy shop), had lunch (just at Casey’s, but there are several options) and took the kids on superfun alpine luge rides. (See photo of Daddy and Frannie.) I even did it too, although I have to admit I was a bit brake-happy.
You can also take free gondola rides over the village, or longer, enclosed rides over to the Casino. For an extra price, there’s a kids’ splash pad, bungee trampolining and rock wall. You could also pay to ride the Panoramic Gondola to the top of the mountain, where you can disembark and check out the view, hike, or even enjoy brunch!

Even if you’re saving your pennies, just walking through the village was beautiful:

I can’t review many restaurants, but I can tell you about my sister-in-law’s cooking! We actually didn’t eat out often, as my brother’s wife LOVES to cook, so she looked after most of the meals. There is, however, a wide assortment of food options, both the child-friendly and the high-class.

Dad and I stayed with the kids one evening while the other adults went to the Casino (not really my cup of tea) and the men looked after the little ones when Mom, Ashleigh and I went for massages, which I thought would be a great retirement gift for Mom after so many years of hard work!

Except for the fact that Maggie decided this was the best time to demonstrate to us that she suffers from motion sickness (on the six hour car ride), it was a fantastic trip, and the best part was the time spent together. My girls love to play with my brother’s two kids, and the grownups enjoyed time together in the evenings after the kids went to bed, which we never have. We taught my parents a couple of new card games, and my board-game loathing father even played “Battle of the Sexes” with us!

We timed this trip so I could pop in at a friend’s baby shower near Montreal on the way home, and that’s how we wrapped up our adventure!

Now, if your family is in to skiing, you might prefer to look in to a (more costly?) winter getaway instead, but as far as the ten of us were concerned, our four days in Mont Tremblant were all we could have asked for, and a great value as well.

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  1. Another great ski area that was fun in summer was Blue Mountain north of Toronto… we just got back from hanging out there with my brother and his fam for a few days and it was a great family vacay spot!

  2. Blue Mountain does sound like another great idea! We're not far from Toronto, so we wanted to venture a bit further away this time!

  3. I love your review! Makes me want to come and do our vacation there! :0)
    I love your blog so much and I am doing the SIS blog challenge for the next 31 days and I want you to get some more people to fall in love like me! 🙂
    Enjoy and if you want to share the link love with your readers about me.

  4. It looks like the perfect place for a family vaca! That slide is awesome, and I loved the village. Something for everyone.

  5. Hello! We are currently here in Mont Tremblant and really loving it as our family vacation (with some extended family). We are staying at Summit de Neige, and we have air conditioning!

  6. Looks like a great time! And the resort looked beautiful I will definitely look it up if we ever go to Tremblant.

  7. Hi Kate. Thanks for the article about your trip to Tremblant right when your mom retired. It has been ages, but considering that you went there from Ontario, I was curious. How did you go from Ontario (where I assume you were living at the time) to Cap Tremblant residence? Do you remember? What do you think is the most recommendable way for a family with 3 kids to reach Mont-Tremblant?

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