So, have you ever taken your children to a restaurant, only to live to regret it?Either you said yes, or you are a LIAR, because I’m sure we’ve all had those experiences. That’s why I wrote “Eating Out With Kids: The Ten Commandments”, for the June/July issue of Peterborough, Northumberland and Lakeridge Kids, available now online.

Now, I hate cooking enough that eating out with my kids has to be truly awful to counteract the benefits of someone preparing, serving and cleaning up after my meal, but we’ve definitely had our share of painful restaurants visits.

Check out the article, and be sure to come back and let me know if you have a tip that I’ve missed. I’d also love to hear your restaurant horror stories…it’s nice to know we’re all in the same boat!

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  1. Love your site! Makes me want to move to wordpress. May I use your article in my local kid event website? I thought I would use an excerpt from it and link the rest back to your article. If that isn't the best then I understand. My blog is but my website is
    Thank you for considering it. I am great about posting events and giveaways but not so much the 'mommy resources'.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!

    I have 8 kids and we took them out quite frequently when they were all home, of course they were all under the threat of death!

    People would look at us in horror when we came in, but more times than not the manager and the servers would come over at the end of our meal and comment on how well behaved our kids were. I told the kids that's a pretty sad thing for well mannered kids to stand out. It should be the norm.

    Having so many kids meant strict boundaries and teaching respect from the beginning, not starting when the kids were teenagers. So we did ok, although we did wait for several years to take our son with autism out. He took a little longer to learn the expectations.

    Wonderful post.

  3. Your article was spot on! I completely agree with all of your points and it was so well written – nice work!

    Thanks so much for joining in Friendly Friday, I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  4. This was a great article with wonderful tips. We have found going early (like 4:30 early) to the same restaurant and having made friends with the waitress has helped make it a fairly pleasant experience. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment on my grammar! I murder commas though :).

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