Did you know that this week was Emergency Preparedness Week? Neither did I, until a couple of days ago! Read on for more information, and to find out how you can win a Red Cross Emergency Kit for your family.

Okay, so I consider myself a pretty organized person. Some people have other words for it, but to spin it positively, I am definitely a “well-prepared planner”. You would think that emergency preparedness would be a priority for me, but for some reason I haven’t spent much time worrying about it.

A few years ago, one of our Christmas gifts from my parents was an Emergency Kit, complete with items like a first aid kit, flashlight, AM/FM radio, and batteries, with instructions to add non-perishable food, water, and essential personal items. “Terrific idea!” we said, and then brought it home and stashed it in the basement between the punch bowl and the breadmaker. We’d have some warning before we actually needed it, right?

Thanks to a representative from Public Safety Canada who recently contacted me to let me know that May 2nd – 8th is Emergency Preparedness Week, I have decided it’s time to get my household on board with the initiative. The organization has launched a web video, available here, which outlines in simple terms why having an emergency plan is important.

It’s ironic that we spend a great deal of time at school on fire drills and lockdown procedures (my students know exactly which corner of the room to crouch in to hide from the hypothetical bad guys) but my husband and I have given little thought to our home plan.

Of course, I occasionally wake up in the middle of the night wondering if it would be safe to toss my daughters from their bedroom windows, or how I would get from the spare room in the basement to the stairs safely in case of a fire, but I wake up the next morning with something else on my mind, and never actually formulate a plan. Although Maggie is too young to get it, Frannie is certainly ready for some non-panic-inducing instructions…and besides, a little bit of worry now (e.g. “Can I take my dolls if we have a fire?”) is worth it if it saves her life later.

I encourage you to check out their video, as well as other areas of their website. They take you step-by-step through creating your emergency plan online, and they also have a section providing tips about such topics as how to prepare if you or a family member has special needs, what you should do about your pets, and a very valuable section on how to talk to your kids about emergencies. This page includes info for teaching your children about 911, as well as some sample emergency scenarios and responses. (I might even use these in class.)

So…are you a step ahead of this self-proclaimed organizational guru? Do you already have a well laid out emergency plan for your family? Or have you ever been confronted with a sudden situation and wished you were better prepared? Share your stories…and then check out the website!

Oh, right, and about the contest: Enter to win a Canadian Red Cross Emergency Kit courtesy of Public Safety Canada! For a chance to win this deluxe kit, which contains nearly 20 different safety items including waterproof matches, multi-function knife, windup flashlight/radio/alarm, emergency rescue blanket, water purification tablets and whistle, simply leave a comment below. Make sure to include contact info such as a your email address or website, or email your info to me (katewinn77ATyahooDOTca) AFTER commenting. You can also check back on Sunday, May 30th when I will choose a winner by random number generation and make an announcement right here at This Mom Loves. Good luck, and happy preparing!

Contest open to residents of Canada. Contest closes at 12:00 noon Eastern Time, Sunday May 30th 2010.

88 comments on “Win a Family Emergency Kit – And Get Prepared!”

  1. I just opened my email and saw that you were having a giveaway! That's too funny bc my kids were lyining in bed with us talking about what to do in the event of a fire drill or lock down "at home" they wanted to practice at 0730am on a Saturday morning. I didn't realize it was emergency preparedness week so they obviously were talking about it at school yesterday! Luv your blog and hope I'm the lucky winner! Good luck everyone!

  2. Good simple video and great reminder of the importance of this topic. As a young driver my mom would create and give me a small emergency first aid kit for the car including surgical gloves, medical scissors and tape (not that I would know what to do with these things). As a nurse she had come across some medical emergencies on the road and these things would come in handy. Being prepared is never a bad thing!

  3. Oh so so important! Thanks for the opportunity:)
    modernmom at rocketmail dot com

    PS I'm your newest follower! Hope you have a sec to pop over and say hello!

  4. Oh my goodness! This is such an amazing prize! Actually, my husband was just telling me the other day that he thinks I need to keep an emergency kit in the van!!! It's always been on my mind, but I just never got around to it! Plus, we live in the country (way in the middle of nowhere!!). There's usually hardly anyone on the highway, so being stuck on the side of the road with a toddler would not be ideal! LOL!



  5. A very smart reminder about something that we often brush aside, too, although we think about it with the best intentions.

    This is a great and practical giveaway!

    crumbsintheminivan AT gmail DOT com

  6. I think the emergency kit would be even better if you threw in a bottle of nice red wine. LOL.

  7. This is your mom, Kate. I am glad to know maybe now you will get that Christmas gift your dad and I so lovingly gave you out of the basement and actually BE PREPARED! Do you think your brother and his wife might do the same? LOL

  8. A great reminder Kate, thank you! We are now living in the country, and I drive an old CRV…with 3 little boys I should REALLY have Emergency kits in them both. I will definitely be moving this to the top of my "to do" list

  9. A great idea Kate! I came across our fire extinguisher in the back of the closet this week (while cleaning out winter hats and mitts) and gave a fleeting thought to organizing an emergency kit – but the thought was as far as I got!
    And I know I've told you in person, but I'm finally posting a comment here – – a great blog! You are a truly talented writer.
    Karen G

  10. Yes I agree that this is never on the top of the "to do list" and "this will never happen to us" always crosses my mind.
    We do have a meeting place in case of a fire which I periodically quiz the kids about(they always remember) and they are well aware of how to use 911.
    Right after my son was born Aug. 2003 we had that black out(anyone remember?) That was very scary with a 1 1/2 year old and a newborn! We survived the day or 2 that it lasted but I shiver to think if it were to last for a longer period of time!

  11. Nice idea Kate! The boys are always asking about our safety plans, and I am always avoiding a solid answer. They will be thrilled that someone is whipping me into shape.

  12. Hi Kate…what busy family doesn't need an Emergency Preparedness Kit, but who knows where to start??? Just this weekend we are working on our fire escape routes (again!)…but such a great idea to be ready for any emergency that might come up, not just fire…as the old cliche goes, "You just never know…"
    Rebecca S

  13. What a great idea!! You are right, we often leave this planning to the last minute or when we are faced with and realize we are not prepared!! Great tips! Thanks and Happy Mother's day everyone!

  14. It's nice! I think one can never be too prepared. With the world we live in today, who knows what might happen!!! Happy Mother's Day, Kate xxxx!

    Annie Claude

  15. Love your ideas about emergency preparedness! Something I really need to do with my family. Thanks for all your tips. I laughed at your mom's blog comment…'this is your mom'. It's great that she's reading all your stuff.

  16. What a great giveaway! My household definitely needs one of these. I really should get one together myself, you just never know! Thanks for the fantastic opportunity! Your newest follower over from Mom Nation,

  17. Hey Kate!
    Thanks for the great info! I have often thought of my home emergency plans and keep putting it on my list of things to do but…it never seems to get done! Thanks for the reminder and will put it at the top of my list this week! Keep up the excellent blog Kate!

  18. One thing that we also tend to forget with emergency kits is that parts of it can expire, used up or get ruined(water damage, creams expiring etc). It's always a good idea to check it at least once a year.
    Thanks for the reminder Kate.


  19. Ever since my sister's house fire, we have been a little more thoughtful about being prepared in the event of an emergency. The "it could never happen to me" mentality went by the wayside when it did happen so close to home & heart! Great prize! helen_scott55@hotmail.com

  20. The mentalitity of thinking it will never happen to you is wrong. It is better to be prepared and then relax

  21. We always have extra food and bottled water on hand. Darn winter storms have made us very aware of the importance of having an emergency supply.


  22. I think this is an awesome prize. Everyone should be prepared as with the weird weather things happen that didn't used too. Radio, flashlight great.

  23. To my "Anonymous" commenters – you will not be included in the winner selection unless you have left some sort of contact information!

  24. I'm a procrastinator never ready for an emergency. Thanks for the wake-up call. I would need 2 – one for the house and one for on the road emergency. Hope to never get to use them.

  25. I was told in school that whenever I entered a building to always look for the emergency exit doors. I never took it seriously until one evening at the movie theatre when all the sprinkler started to eject water and everyone was in a frenzy trying to exit through the emergency doors. I don't have an emergency kit handy eventhough I know I should!

  26. Information like this made me think over the realities I just don't want to ever confront in my whole life and yet, I am not prepared should it ever happen. Thanks for this blog.

  27. Great emergency kit. Never know when you are going to have to use it. Living in an earthquake zone this would be a how needed item.

  28. My nephew is learning about emergency preparedness at school and is "auditing" everything in my household at the moment… LOL! I would love to win this and show him how prepared I am!

    Aliya D.

  29. An excellent article and prize – my father is going to start babysitting his granddaughter/my niece soon and emergency preparedness is on my mind

    Jason C

  30. This is a great idea. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them….

    allytcat at hotmail dot com


  31. I would love to win, every family should be prepared for an emergency.

    cwilliams127 AT gmail DOT com

  32. I've been thinking about emergency home preparedness lately after learning that co-workers, who live only about an hour's drive away from me, had lived without power for several days after we received unexpected heavy snowfall in May (affecting local power lines). I'm delighted that you are offering the Family Emergency Preparedness Kit as a prize & I hope I'm selected to win it. One day it could become my most valued possession!

  33. This may sound odd, but my mother would have loved a kit like this for her Mother's Day present lol.

  34. Great reminder! I just checked my first aid kit to find that it had been badly raided and that several items were expired.. even if I don't win here its definitely time for an upgrade!!


  35. I have been thinking alot about being prepared in an emergency as I am totally NOT ready at all if something were to happen. Thanks for opening my eyes a little more wider and offering me the chance to win this kit! 🙂

    corieandnickolas AT hotmail.com

  36. We always try to be prepared as you never know what might happen. After lightening hit our house a few years ago, I have been prepared with emergency supplies both at home and in the truck ever since.

  37. We live in an earthquake zone and at work the other day we had an information session. It was a little alarming to realize that in a major catastrophe we would not be allowed home, as our organization is a regional emergency response centre. We have started to put together a few things at home now in case of emergencies but this emergency kit would definately make me sleep better at night.


  38. After the black out we had a few years ago, we took the time to plan for such events and this is a great reminder as we forget sometimes.


    Lily Y

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