Here’s a website which will appeal to teachers and parents alike: Smartkiddies Mathematics. At Smartkiddies, you’ll find printable worksheets and interactive math activities sorted by both grade and topic. 

As a teacher, I often pull up the site on my laptop and project it to my Smartboard (interactive whiteboard) to teach or reinforce concepts. As well, teachers can create accounts for their students, and assign specific activities to be completed at school or at home.

The activities begin at the kindergarten level, so if you have a child 5 or older (or 3 or 4, if you’re a “Hyper Parent” as mentioned in a previous post!) you can use the site to reinforce what’s being taught at school, or for enrichment purposes. There are simple drills, as well as timed games and competitions which really motivate the kids. They can also pick “avatars” to represent themselves, choose their physical appearances, and save game points earned to “spend” on their characters.

It’s worth bribing your child’s teacher to create accounts for the students, because this provides free access to selected activities at home. There is a charge if you register solely as a parent.

You should note that the site is Australian, so there are a few discrepanices (e.g. pictures of coins, “trapezium” instead of “trapezoid”) but they use the metric system, so our Canuck kiddies are fine with the measurement activities.

This has definitely been my go-to site all year, and parents and students alike have been very enthusiastic about it.

5 comments on “Smartkiddies Mathematics”

  1. excellent resource. 'Numeracy' is a big deal right now, because many kids are coming out of highschool (and post-secondary education!) with low math/numbers skills. Anything that emphasizes math skills at an early age might help this situation!

  2. Looks fabulous…just wish it included intermediate because that's what I teach! However, I'm a parent so I can still put this site to good use.

  3. My son has used this site and he enjoys it when we get to go on to it. It is so help full to get your children into math. It is fun at the same time as he or she is learning.

  4. My kid goes on smartkiddies and I watched him, he gets really entained by the things he learns hes only in grade 1 and is a very smart kid for grade 2

  5. With the pictures of coins, "trapezium" instead of "trapezoid". If you change your url to (which is the new smartkiddies incl literacy) it will change it to the canadian version of the website which will provide the correct money etc
    Hope this helps!

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