I love momtrepreneurs (and in fact wrote an article on the subject, see sidebar) and I especially love the baby legwarmers from Little Leggings by Lynn. My youngest has been in them since she was a few months old, and my almost four-year-old still loves hers.
The best thing about Lynn’s legwarmers is that they cost only $8, a fraction of the cost of brand-name pairs (and your little one certainly won’t know the difference).  Lynn offers great customer service, and an excellent selection, which often includes holiday themes. This ups the cute-factor significantly –I’m a sucker for holiday-themed accessories!

Check it out; you won’t be disappointed.

2 comments on “Momtrepreneurs: Little Leggings By Lynn”

  1. Ok what happened to Lynn? I have been searching for her site to buy more leggings, and she doesnt exist anymore???

  2. Good question! Lynn actually decided to take a break from the business, so she shut her site down for a while. She was doing it in addition to teaching full time (and parenting, of course!) and needed to step back for a bit. I'm sure we're all hoping to see her up and running again in the future!

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