Of course I want everyone to enjoy my new project, but there are some moms who might want to save themselves some time and boycott me immediately. Here are five signs that this is NOT the blog for you:

1. You would never let your baby or toddler watch TV. Ever. And you don’t even watch it yourself.

2. You believe that breast is not only best, but is the only choice a good mom would make.

3. Babysitter? Why would you want to be apart from your little darling for even a moment?

4. You think forcing a baby to “cry it out” should be punishable by law.

5. You would never let your child eat fast food. Ever. And you don’t even like it yourself.

To those of you who are still with me? Thanks, and stay tuned!

2 comments on “Top Five Signs That You Will Not Want To Follow My Blog”

  1. Love your list and think that some "new mothers" will not agree with you as some have the attitude that they can "do it all" and never need a break or a little glimpse at what life was like BEFORE kids, lol…. (if anyone of us can remember).

  2. thats awesome, I have a 4 month old baby girl. and with in the first week she slept through the nights and after 3 weeks I was like why are you in the same room with me.. she's been in her crib ever since.

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