I am so proud of the package of articles all about reading that I was part of for the fall 2021 issue of Today’s Parent magazine.



My editor was Claire Gagné, and addition to my individual pieces Claire and I worked together on a couple, and she also shared her own personal story from the perspective of a parent of two children who had difficulty learning to read.



If you can’t find a print copy (thanks again to my friend Louise from Oakville for sending me one) here’s what’s online now for you to check out:

I’m a kindergarten teacher and the way I’ve been teaching reading is wrong (easily the most “viral” piece I’ve ever had published; I received feedback from across Canada, the US, the UK and Australia)

4 ways to prepare your preschooler for reading

6 ways to support your kid when they’re learning to read (by Claire and me)

I laid all the groundwork, but public school failed to teach my kids to read (by Claire)

Plus another great piece from Claire:

This is the one thing you should focus on if you’re worried about COVID learning loss (amazing tips for parents with struggling readers)

I’ve done a #ScienceOfReadingSaturday series on Instagram which you can check out as well, with information to help educators and also parents who are interested!

Also a special thank you to my mom and a friend in education who reviewed my writing for this package for me – you know who you are!

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