I was back on The Morning Show with hosts Carolyn MacKenzie and Jeff McArthur today sharing virtual learning tips from teachers on the front lines! I talked to virtual teachers from kindergarten right through high school and pulled their tips together for some common dos and don’ts!


While you may not have chosen the virtual route for your kids at this point, you never know when things may change and there’s always a possibility we could all end up teaching and learning at home again – so these tips could come in handier than you think…and some of them apply to in-class learners and their parents too!

Video here

Special thanks to current virtual teachers who were willing to share their thoughts with me, including Hayley, Angela, Lynn, Loretta, Tiffany, Jennifer, Lindsay and Brandee!

P.S. Please note that I have also decided to invest in a bigger ring light, and may start using the warmer setting so that I don’t look like a ghost in between Jeff and Carolyn!

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