Yes, the kids’ spaces in your house can actually be both stylish and serviceable, and Dave Wilson is here to tell us how!

I’m sure you know Dave from Masters of Flip and Season 4 of Home To Win, and this house-flipping expert with a passion for construction, renovation and business (and a father of three) is also currently starring in Making it Home with Kortney and Dave!

In their new show, Kortney and Dave Wilson help homeowners make
strategic moves with their money by using their flipping expertise to turn a fixer-upper into the home of their dreams – all while making smart investments into the biggest asset these families own.  With Kortney taking the lead on design and Dave on project management, they will gather inspiration and intel to make the right reno moves for homeowners, before taking the reins for the full renovation.  With the keys and budget in hand, they’ll transform each unloved space into a show-stopper – making it beautiful, making it bright and making it home!

Here’s what Dave has to say about maximizing your home’s “kid space” (photos courtesy HGTV Canada):

1. Look for ways to incorporate fun activities like art into the decor itself. A great way to do this is by making a chalk wall, which is as simple as buying some chalkboard paint. Kids love to make a space their own, and it’s nice to give them a way to be creative in the space that is easy to clean up after!

2. Storage is king when it comes to keeping kids’ toys from taking over. I love the look of cubbies with baskets for toys and school supplies.  They’re easy to keep organized and keep your floor clutter-free. 

3.Kids’ spaces are a great place to use fun, bright colours in ways you might not in other areas of your home. Finding a great focal piece like a bright coloured couch will be a great way to instantly make the room feel happy. If you can find one with storage underneath it, all the better! 

4. Soft flooring is best for kids playrooms, but it’s nice to not have to commit to carpet in the space long-term. Carpet tiles in bright, mix and match colours are a great solution. They are fun for kids to play on, look great, are easy to clean, and easy to remove and stack if you want. . 

5. Kids playrooms should have as many soft elements as possible, so bring on the bean bag chairs! They are perfect for lounging, reading, playing and of course jumping. 

Thanks for the tips, Dave!

MAKING IT HOME airs Wednesday nights on HGTV Canada!

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