I don’t know about you, but where I live, winter lasted a LONG time this year – so I’m excited to make the house feel like spring has actually arrived!

Some easy ways to bring spring into your home:

Put out the welcome mat

I will totally admit that I copied Jillian Harris and ordered this cute Hello! mat from Wayfair last summer – in a smaller size for our front step!

Make things sparkle

There’s a reason that “spring cleaning” is a thing! Now’s the time for a deep clean of surfaces that may have been abused with winter elements, especially floors and windows. (I still highly recommend the Norwex window cloth – I had tried everything to get streak-free windows with no luck until I came across this game-changer – you just use it with water.)

Splash out the spring colours

Whether it’s a throw blanket and cushion cover switchout like I did here or perhaps your kitchen or bathroom towels and accessories, there’s always a bright pop of colour that will work with your space. And by the way, I’m not suggesting going out shopping every time there’s a season change – I can often find things around the house to move or pull out of storage when I need some new touches for a room.

Lighten up

I’m always looking for excuses to declutter (and encourage others to do the same) and spring is the perfect time to lighten your load of “stuff”, as well as to put away heavy fabrics like winter blankets and outdoor clothing. It’s also a great opportunity to sort through hats, mitts, etc., and get rid of what wasn’t actually used this year, while it’s still fresh in everyone’s minds, and donate the winter items that your youngest child has grown out of.

Our bedding is Sarah Richardson’s Birch Etched Leaf Set

Incorporate flowers and greenery

I love tulips so I’m set, but gerberas are another nice seasonal idea for pops of colour, and lilies are always a classic choice. Floral patterns are also a sure sign of spring.

Consider artwork

A piece of art in the right colours or even some of your own photos from warmer times framed and displayed can make the house feel springlike! (Yes, that means the shots of the little ones sitting on Santa’s knee need to go away now!) Why not pick up a cheap canvas and some pastel-coloured paints and let your mini-artists at home go to town? Easy abstract art!

What are your tips for making your home feel like spring?

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