I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of white kitchens with wreaths hanging on the cabinets, and I was excited to do the same this Christmas in my new kitchen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any wreaths that worked for me! So I have moved on to the next holiday and made my vision come to life with Valentine’s Day hearts hanging on the cabinets.

The steps couldn’t be easier! (Well, they could, but then it wouldn’t really be a DIY.)

First, gather your supplies: decorations, ribbon, “Command”-style hooks (I used Seal-It brand) and hot glue gun.

Next, hot glue a length of ribbon to the backs of the decorations (nice side of ribbon facing down).

Attach the hooks to the inside of the cabinets, following package directions – except that your hooks need to be upside down. Make sure placement doesn’t interfere with any shelves or proper closure of the doors. Once this step is done, you’ll be able to use these hooks for all future holiday decorations…or remove them any time without damaging the doors.

Put your decorations in place, and tie ribbon around the hooks…and there you go!

Now I’m on the hunt for decorative shamrocks…St. Patrick’s Day will be here before we know it!

I’ll leave you with a few past Valentine’s Day DIYs that I’ve attempted!

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