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This is way more important than a fashion post, my friends – this is about heat! . I have been on the hunt for battery-powered heated outerwear, as for some reason I am just not equipped to do yard duty in subzero temps. “Layer up!”, people advise, but even four layers (the top one being a North Face parka) don’t cut it. . First, I ordered a really expensive jacket online. I won’t name it, but I didn’t like it. Not even close to warm enough – on the high heat setting – for the ridiculous amount of money I paid. Lesson learned, and I returned it. . But then, a friend’s husband (who often works outdoors) gave me some great advice: go with a heated item that you wear UNDER a jacket, as insulation is key for the heat. He has a hoodie that he loves, but I decided to try a vest instead, as the arms aren’t heated anyway, and it would be less bulky under my coat. . I ordered the Milwaukee M12 Women’s Heated Vest from @homedepotcanada (it shipped free in 2 business days) and I LOVE it. The black quilted design actually looks pretty attractive, but the best thing is the HEAT – chest and back heat zones that get warm fast and my parka totally helps keep the heat in. . It comes with a battery (which is pretty massive and goes into a back pocket on the vest) and charger. . I paid full price ($199) because I didn’t want to wait for a sale, but Home Depot has a 30 day price adjustment policy and I’m hopeful there will be a deal within the next month. I ordered my usual size (small) and I’m happy with the slim fit as you want to keep the heat as close to the body as possible. . Happy to answer any questions I haven’t covered here! . #heatedvest #homedepotcanada

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