On this morning’s to-do list: update my writing portfolio! Of course I have everything online (here) but there’s something about having those hard copies all collected together in a pretty binder that really makes me happy!

Over the years I’ve written for some great magazines like Today’s Parent, Parents Canada, Today’s Bride and Canadian Living, and had some wonderful editors who made my words sound even better!



Some of my fave assignments have been interviews, for example with MP Maryam Monsef, Scott McGillivray, Ben Mulroney, Jessica Mulroney, Melissa Grelo and Danielle Graham, plus fun topics like a royal-themed honeymoon in London!



I’ve written about parenting and health from pregnancy (skin issues) and newborn (baby poop) through little kid (losing teeth) and big kid (self harm).



Of course as a teacher, education is my specialty and my clips include topics like helping with homework and raising a reader.

If you’re interested in being a published writer yourself, you can find my “Adventures in Freelance Writing” series of blog posts linked below. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Adventures in Freelance Writing Volume I: My Top 5 Tips

Adventures in Freelance Writing Volume II: Tips and More

Adventures in Freelance Writing Volume III: Tips Continued (includes a successful query letter)

Adventures in Freelance Writing Volume IV: How To Thicken the Skin

Adventures in Freelance Writing Volume V: Editors Share Pitching Tips

Adventures in Freelance Writing Volume VI: From Print to Television

(I really should update that last one, as it was written right before my debut on The Social, where I have now appeared several times, and I’ve also done some sponsored segments on Global’s The Morning Show as well!)

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