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With daylight savings time coming to an end, we’re blessed with an extra hour of sleep.
While many of us look forward to “falling back”, it’s important to remember that with any
change in schedule, the body needs time to adjust. Try incorporating these tips to get your most restful sleep yet.
Keep Calm and Chill
Properly unwinding after a busy day is important to recharge – both physically and mentally
– so shut off your cell phone and skip Netflix tonight. (Yes, I am talking to myself.) Try using a humidifier infused with lavender to naturally soothe and relax your body. Even a bubble bath can do wonders for washing away the day’s stress. My daughter loves to listen to soft music on her iPod to help her fall asleep, and it works like a charm.
Pain-Free Snoozing
While many Canadians understand the importance of sleep, the benefits go far beyond just
boosting our mood and giving us more energy to tackle the day. Quality sleep plays a crucial
role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For pain sufferers, a sound sleep can be hard to come
by. Luckily, ALEVE® Nighttime is here to help you catch some z’s, and sleep a blissful
slumber. When my back bothers me on occasion, I like to use a heating pad to relax my muscles before sleep, and I’m also a huge proponent of massage. It blows my mind that so many people are covered under their extended health benefits yet never take advantage!
Don’t Overthink the Kids
While I am no expert, I can tell you my girls have been excellent sleepers since they were only months old. (We can have the sleep training conversation here another time.) I may have been slightly obsessed with getting them to sleep through the night, but I didn’t sweat the time changes too much. My advice is not to get too hung up with things like incremental schedule adjustments or artificial lighting in advance of the shift. While kids are naturally going to wake up “earlier”, in my experience it really doesn’t take that long to get them on track. You may have to get in the good habit of getting to bed earlier yourself so you’re ready for that morning “greeting” coming from the crib! As with most parenting phases, “this too shall pass”.
Watch Your Sweet Treats
Again, this advice seems to be directed to me, but hopefully it helps you too. Be cautious of what you’re eating and drinking before bed and try to avoid feeling hungry or too stuffed. Stomach discomfort can make you restless throughout the night and prevent you from getting the shut-eye you deserve! Caffeine and alcohol also interfere with sleep cycles (I’m such a lightweight that I can’t even have diet cola on a school night!) so try to avoid both late in the day, especially while you’re adjusting to the change.
Take Care of Your Peepers
After a long day of work and screen time, tired eyes are an inevitable outcome. If you suffer
from dry eyes, the stinging, pain and redness in your eyes can impact the quality of your
day. Use your sleep time to recharge your eyes for the day ahead. Try hydraSense® Night
Therapy Gel Drops at night to alleviate the symptoms of dry eye, so you can wake up with a
fresh outlook on the morning. (P.S. I’ve found a fantastic cream for those dark circles…but again, I will save for another post!)
Get Out and Get Active
Consider adding exercise to your routine. Even a short workout session can
dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. I’m just a treadmill walker (I say “just” because I know it isn’t glamorous, but I’ve been consistently on there 4 to 5 times per week for twelve years now) and I know for a fact I sleep better when I’ve walked during the day. Make sure to put time aside in your schedule for exercise – and add it to your calendar – so you’re less likely to skip it. Organization is key! (I make sure to put “treadmill” on my to-do list, so I get the joy that comes with crossing it off. Can anyone relate?)
While I want to encourage you to take advantage of that extra hour on Sunday by getting up and being productive, let’s be honest…if you have the option of the extra sleep, you’re going to take it!
This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read
and follow the label.

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