It’s more fun to share screen time with someone else, especially when you’ve found a fantastic show or movie. It’s not always easy to convince our loved ones to join us though…so if you’re anything like me, you have to go to a bag of persuasive tricks, whether for your kids or your significant other!

My girls seem to be aging out of animated features, but sometimes the child in me still wants to see a new release or an old favourite. Telling them what celebrities do the voices can sometimes help, or that we can cuddle in bed and watch together…or simply the offer of treats while we watch! They like watching shows I’ve already seen or enjoyed (“This was my favourite as a kid!”), or those recommended by their peers. (At the moment I carry just as much weight. I realize those scales will soon tip.)

Hubby is a harder sell. He is very particular about TV shows, and expects the quality to be maintained past the first season (fingers crossed that The Crown doesn’t disappoint). While he’s still on board with House of Cards, he left me alone to finish Suits and Grey’s Anatomy, and is barely convinced to give another season of Homeland a chance. While I really think he would like it, I went ahead and started The Good Wife by myself because I didn’t have the energy to make the sale. (Oh, is it good!) To convince him to try a new show or movie, I play up any of his favourite actors or actresses, use key words like “historical” or “based on a true story”, or talk about box office or rating success. (We both find that “critically acclaimed” doesn’t necessarily mean we will like it.)

Netflix has come up with some fun flowcharts to help you with the art of persuasion. Check them out below, and good luck mastering the art of Netflix persuasion!

Disclosure: I am provided with perks as part of the Netflix Stream Team. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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