In my latest article for Parents Canada, editor Amy Bielby asked me to tackle an age-by-age guide to kids and romantic love. It was a fascinating piece to research – particularly because it was extremely difficult to get an expert to go on the record to share developmental information about the different stages of love that kids go through (from kindergarten through high school). I also enjoyed amassing some sweet quotes from kids of all ages about what love means to them, and whether or not they have ever been in love, which you can find in the print edition (the summer issue). Thanks to those of you who interrogated your children for me!



Visit the Parents Canada site for the age-by-age guide to kids and romantic love.

As a freelance writer, I also continue to learn lessons in the field that are applicable in education. After submitting my article and receiving an incredibly affirming email back from the editor, I realized that while those dreaded red pen marks are necessary to help students grow, there are times that they just need to hear that they’re doing a great job. I love working with editors who can inspire high quality without cutting a writer to bits, and I want to be that kind of teacher as well. Thanks, Amy!

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