As you may remember, in March (Pharmacist Awareness Month) I was part of a Shoppers Drug Mart campaign looking for stories about amazing pharmacists.

The results were overwhelming, and Shoppers Drug Mart chose one winner from each participating blog, who will receive a $500 gift card.

Here is my winner’s story:

I love my pharmacist because she helps me so much over the phone. I have an anxiety disorder and it isn’t always possible to drive to town and talk to someone and ask for advice. She always makes time for me when I call and really tries her best to help me through whatever it is I’m needing help with. She’s looked up information for me as I try a new medication or if I’m thinking of trying a new medication. I’ve never felt judged or rushed,which is a huge thing for me. I love that I can call her and not feel any anxiety when I speak with her. I have a hard time reaching out for help because I feel so anxious with people. I really value my relationship with my pharmacist because she is a huge resource for me and I don’t have that with very many people. I feel I can trust her. She really cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to help.

Other This Mom Loves entries included pharmacists who:

  • helped one mom whose teenage son required emergency surgery and was in a wheelchair for 12 weeks
  • assisted one woman with pain relief during pregnancy
  • provided an extremely helpful medicine consultation
  • wore his coat as a cape and called himself The Banana Man to convince a little girl to take her ear infection medication. 20 years later she still drives to the other side of town for his services.
  • went out of his way to help support a girl with scoliosis, even sending a card
  • thoroughly explains medications and negative interactions for one woman’s son who has Tourette’s, OCD, ADHD and anxiety disorder.
  • took the time to speak to a cardiologist and RN about medication for a patient who had a heart attack
  • applied for special licenses to help with the needs of a patient who had been seriously injured at work and required strong medications
  • suggested a diagnosis for a child’s symptoms that ended up being accurate and life-changing

There were so many stories about pharmacists who took time, provided a listening ear and went above and beyond to educate and support patients, which was so heartwarming to read. As a teacher, I know how much it  means to me to hear words of gratitude from a parent or student, and I hope the stories collected throughout this campaign will help motivate and energize all of those hard-working pharmacists out there.

Thanks to everyone who participated…and remember to love your pharmacist!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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