I’ll be honest with you: I can’t really argue that our master bedroom *needed* a facelift. However, Liv was crawling the last time we painted, and if you know me, you’ll realize that it’s actually pretty impressive that I waited ten years!

Here’s the “before” –  yes, the brown paint looks fine, and you can’t tell in the photos how ready the comforter was to be replaced – but the dark colours were bringing me down and I just needed a change!

Our mahogany bedroom set is classic, and we will be holding on to it as it trends in and out of style over the years, but paint colour and accessories are a fun way to jazz up a room, so that’s what I focused on.

I started with new bedding (a Jessica Simpson Golden Peony set from Home Outfitters), because I loved the fresh look and splashes of colour. The next task was to find the right paint colour – not only to complement this bedding, but something that would go with future accessories as well. Aiming for something greenish grey, I – whoops, I mean we! – chose a Dulux shade called “Dusty Miller”.

We had new crown moulding installed (as we redecorate each room in the house that’s an upgrade we’re adding in) and the walls were painted. After that, we did some very minor rearranging and accessorizing and we were done!

Now, for the “after”!

My mom made this pillow for us one Christmas:

I love to repurpose items from other rooms (rather than purchasing new) and since I wanted a designated place on my dresser to put my jewelry at the end of the day I pulled this gorgeous plate out of my china cabinet. It’s meaningful because it was a wedding gift from an extended family member who told me that my late Grandma Leahy particularly loved this chintz pattern.

While I love neutrals, I decided to go for a pop of colour (and unexpected design) for my bedside lamp. (My previous lamp *conveniently* broke just days before our facelift, so I *had* to replace it!) This one was very budget friendly, at only 12 bucks from Walmart!

Another repurposed item, this wedding gift frame spent years in our basement featuring photos of our godchildren…until we were blessed with too many to fit in the frame! After we redecorated our downstairs family room, the frame went into hiding until I brought it out to add some personality to the space outside our ensuite.

It now feels like spring in my master bedroom, if nowhere else!

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Plus, if you’re interested in design, don’t forget I’ve posted many times about seasonal decor, and interviewed designer and decorators like Debbie Travis, Sarah Richardson, Kortney Wilson and Jillian Harris, too!

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