It’s been a busy summer! You may have already seen our bathroom reno, or my older daughter’s bedroom facelift. Today we’re moving on to Maggie’s room (she’s the six-year-old).


This bedroom was the last room in our home to have the original paint colour (from 11 years ago). It started as a guest room, then became the nursery for Frannie, followed by Maggie, who has been in there ever since.

Here are a few “before shots”:


Maggie selected her bedding from Target, and while at first she was drawn to the patterns with horses, etc. I convinced her to choose a pattern that would grow with her, as I don’t plan to redo her room for several years.

She knew she wanted pink walls, so we grabbed several paint chips to bring home and look at with the bedding, and I gave her a few suitable choices, leaving the final selection to her.

We considered changing the girls’ flooring (they still have carpet) but it wasn’t in the budget so we gave it a good cleaning and will keep a change on the list for the future.

I had the bright idea to move her dresser into the closet, which I did before I thought to grab the camera for the “before” pics, but it’s definitely helping with organization “after”.

Here’s what it looks like:

Quick idea – I used some adhesive shelf liner to dress up Maggie’s play table (and cover up all of the marks from being so well used).

I had framed one of my Grandma’s doilies (an idea I saw on Cityline) and it was in the bathroom prior to our latest reno. It didn’t match anymore, so I painted the frame white, picked up a roll of wrapping paper at Dollarama to use as the background, and gave it an update to work with Maggie’s new colour scheme. 


More AFTER shots:

Yes, I’ll admit, I wanted to move the doll bed to make the room look cleaner for the photo, but I resisted!

Maggie has become a “beauty products” junkie (lip balm, moisturizer, hand sanitizer). These new bins keep things contained on her headboard.

I’m absolutely loving the dresser-in-closet move. 
Our next big task will be to go through the girls’ wardrobes for fall!

And that, dear readers, should be the end of our home renovating/redecorating for 2014. Thanks for following along!

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