It may have been a shorter month because of the March Break, but we still had lots happening. A few highlights:

Language (Grammar)

Teaching parts of speech has never been easier. I’ve been using “Shrek Forever After” Mad Libs, and the kids love it. We sit at the carpet, and I ask for whatever parts of speech are needed (noun, adjective, etc.), which the kids volunteer. This is so much better than worksheets or drills. They are motivated to remember what each type of word is, because they want to be able to add to the funny story. When I read the completed text, with all of their contributions, we all have a great laugh!

Language (Writing)

This month the students wrote well-developed paragraphs about their March Break, as well as sweet goodbye letters to a student who was moving away from our classroom, both of which were very personalized and authentic forms of writing. (I don’t know who invented the phrase “choice within structure” but I love it.)

Language (Read-Aloud)

I had never read the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar before (though of course I had heard about it) and I saw it on a list of recommended Grade 3 read-alouds. I’m so glad I  signed it out of the library, as we’re all really enjoying it. What’s that? You say there’s a film version as well? I had no idea!


I’ve shown one of my favourite Religion resources before (Bible Story Puzzles) and it’s coming in very handy as the kids learn how to navigate the Bible and find particular passages. They’ve already done a group challenge called “Old Testament Matchup”, and next month we’ll tackle “New Testament Matchup”.

Physical Education

Once Spring arrives (or gets close) I allow each student to take a turn being “Teacher For The Day” in the gym. They must provide a warmup, and share a game that we don’t usually play in class which will keep all students active for our 20 minute period. I assess each child for Oral Communication and Physical Education, and the other children provide peer feedback at the end of each period as well.

Math (Fractions)

We just finished learning about fractions (one of my favourite Math strands!) and as a culminating Math/Art activity, the students designed their own Fraction Sundaes (perhaps inspired by my Baskin Robbins days?) The only requirements were that they had to include at least three different fractions (not just three different flavours, but numbers of scoops as well). They did a fantastic job!

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  1. Love the Shrek mad libs:) The movie for "holes" is fantastic! We did it earlier this year and the kids loved both the book and the movie. A little disappointed that their visualizations were not the same as the movie's, but once again it was a great lesson on how we each have to attach our own connections to make our visualizations.
    Thanks for sharing again. I might have to try the ice cream sundea idea!

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