Just the other day I was thinking about how Frannie is lacking in fancy clothing, and has worn the same dress for the last two Christmas and Irish concerts, as well as public speaking competitions. So the timing was perfect when I was contacted about a Walmart Spring Shopping Challenge – put together a new outfit for under $50! Could I do it? At Walmart, of course!
I decided to shop alone and surprise the girls with some new purchases. When I arrived, I headed straight for the girls’ section, on the hunt for George items (with Walmart’s Kids Quality Guarantee – see below). If I wanted to stock up on casual Spring staples, I could have picked up several outfits comprised of $4 tees, leggings or shorts, but I was set on something more formal.
My eye was immediately drawn to a rack of beautiful Spring dresses ($18), with little shrugs on top (making them school and church appropriate). Outfit for Talent Show and Easter Mass, check!
Frannie also needs a pair of white shoes for First Communion, so I took a peek in the shoe department and found a beautiful pair for $18, again by George, which will also look perfect with the new dress. My mom might not be impressed that they have a little bit of a heel, but the child is 8 years old with a size 3 foot – I can’t exactly find her baby shoes anymore! And it is a very special occasion.

After making both of these selections, my total was only $36, so I added one more adorable Spring outfit for Frannie (which I’ll show you in a minute), rounding me off to exactly $50! (Am I a skilled shopper, or what?)

I do feel a bit guilty making all of these new purchases for my older daughter, but little Maggie gets hand-me-downs from a few different family members and friends, so she truly doesn’t need much. However, swimming lessons start next week and I realized quickly after we arrived in Montego Bay that her swimsuit collection has seen better days, so I added one more item to my cart.

Here are my purchases, for the $50 challenge:

Plus the extra item I threw in for Maggie ($12 for a licensed character swimsuit):

The happy model:

Thanks for the fun challenge, Walmart – and for helping me get my girls ready for their Spring adventures!

Disclosure: I was provided with a $50 Walmart
gift card for the shopping challenge. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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