For your amusement: more goodies that have been dug out of basement storage!

Photos of the first two weddings I was in  – the first as flower girl for my mom’s cousin Lisa in 1981, and the second as bridesmaid for my Aunt Sue in 1991. I vividly remember the minister putting a quarter on the floor right where I was supposed to stand as a flower girl – and I even got to keep it! For my aunt’s wedding ten years later, there were a few tears when hairdresser insisted on doing my bangs in that whole top-curled-back, bottom-curled-under way…which even as a 14 year old I knew was going out of style. So I went home and fixed them, and all was good!

The next wedding I was in was my own, followed by my sister-in-law’s in 2002, and my brother’s in 2006.
Most recently were the back-to-back wedding parties in 2008. First I was matron of honour for my cousin Kerry when Maggie was 15 days old, and then bridesmaid for friend Allison one week later. Talk about crazy dress fittings…and I really should be including those photos here, as I filled out a dress like I never have before and never will again! 
My next sentimental discovery was this “guest book” page from my 5th birthday party in 1982, which I had plaqued many years ago as a keepsake. I love how all of my grandparents signed their names, and while it’s such a silly little thing, looking at it makes me feel like they’re all with me, even though three of them have since passed away.
Last but not least…does anyone want to know where I was on February 19th, 1995? No one? Because I could tell you, since I have every day planner I’ve used for the last 18 years! I thought with my new BlackBerry I just might be convinced to start using the electronic calendar, but there’s still just something about planning things on paper that appeals to me. Good thing I have my 2014 Kate Spade calendar all ready to go! Happy New Year, everyone!

2 comments on “Look What I Found: The Miscellaneous Edition”

  1. Kate – I can't believe that YOU hold on to these items. So there is just a little bit of a pack rat hiding behind that super organized person that we all thought you were (ok – know that you are!! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  2. Kate, I am utterly shocked that you have your planners from 1995! I too enjoy using planners and have since starting high school- but they are not hanging out in a box in my basement!
    I confess that I do keep my large wall calendars (snug between my filing cabinet- which is actually organized alphabetically- and my desk). I do this for income tax so I can figure out daycare expenses because I am rarely organized enough to actually keep the monthly receipts some providers used to give me!

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