When I was asked to be part of the Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge, I couldn’t resist! Bloggers were provided with $100 challenges to choose from, or given the option to come up with our own. Some of the suggestions:

  • Feed your family of four for 4 days on $100
  • Dress two children for summer on $100
  • Get a head-to-toe summer outfit for either mom or dad for $100
  • Decorate your outdoor living space for $100
  • Redecorate a bedroom or family room for $100
  • Host a child’s birthday party with 5 guests for $100

As tempting as the other options were (especially as I saw other bloggers’ posts/tweets going out), my kids have tons of summer clothes, we just finished picking up outdoor accessories and girls’ rooms aren’t due to be redone for a bit. So I decided to shop for myself, and committed to the “Head To Toe Outfit” challenge.

I hit my nearest Walmart, fortunately alone, but on a timeline due to plans later in the evening, so I had to focus! As I began to browse, I decided to tweak my challenge slightly. Instead of going with one head-to-toe outfit, I would try to pick up all of the “Summer Style” items I had on my list, keeping under the $100 cap. Here’s how I did:

Maxi Skirt
Bright Printed Tank

Colourful Dress (I love this one, and green is a different colour for me!)
Pink Nail Polish
(Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is my fave. I have tons of their shades for pedis,
though I’m a total gel nails convert when it comes to my fingers).
I had a few other non-challenge-related items in my cart (you know, vitamins, pot holders, random stuff), so once my challenge selections were rung through I asked the cashier for a total….and it was just over $91. So I figured, “What’s summer fun without some beverages?” and threw in the plastic wine glasses I had picked up for poolside safety. (Also because we had friends over a few weeks ago in the hot tub and one was enjoying wine served in a red solo cup. Which believe me, is even less safe.) For the purposes of full disclosure, the fourth “glass” put the total just over $100 (but it’s not like I’m capable of buying an odd number!)
I had planned on modeling my purchases, but while I am quite content with my post-two-baby-body (despite all of the self-esteem messages out there, I’m still not sure it’s truly socially acceptable to say that) I’m quite sure that my students and their parents don’t need to see me in a bikini. Except the ones that come over to swim at my house, but they don’t take pictures and share them with thousands of people. That I know of.
So what do you think? Everything I need for Summer Style, and all under $100! Thanks for the opportunity, Walmart!

Were you part of the Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge? I’d love for you to leave a comment below with your challenge and a link to your post. I can’t wait to check out how everyone else fared!

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